Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
13 movies to watch with children encourage love and respect for animals

The weekend is here and it’s time to enjoy with our children doing what we like the most. And why not, watching movies with a good bowl of popcorn?

In this article we propose 13 movies to watch with children that encourage love and respect for animals (some cartoons and others not).

We explain their plot, why we recommend them and add the trailer so you can take a look at them. You can now start the family movie marathon !

Movies to watch with children that encourage a love of animals

The great adventure of Winter the dolphin

This film deals with the story of Winter, a dolphin found on the North American coast trapped in a trap to capture crabs that loses its tail, an element of vital importance to swim and survive in the sea.

A group of specialists takes him to an aquarium with the intention of implanting a prosthesis that will allow him to return to living in his natural habitat. While all this is happening, a nice bond of friendship is established between Winter and a boy.

A film to promote love and respect for animals that children will love.


The latest Dumbo movie , from 2019, tells the story of Holt Farrier, who with the help of his children Milly and Joe will take care of a newborn elephant whose giant ears make him a laughingstock in a Circus that is not going through its best moment . .

Max Medici, the circus owner, is disappointed to learn about little Dumbo’s enormous ears until he discovers that he is capable of flight , bringing the circus back to prosperity.

The Lion King

Another movie to promote love and respect for animals is The Lion King, another classic. The story unfolds in the African savannah , where we will learn about the adventures of Simba, a small lion who is the heir to the throne.

However, Simba is unjustly accused by the evil Scar of his father’s death, and is therefore forced into exile.

During his exile, he will make good friends and try to return to recover what is rightfully his. A movie you can’t miss!


This film shows the story of Beethoven, a St. Bernard puppy who escapes from a gang of thieves who robbed a pet store.

After spending the night in a garbage can, the little dog is discovered by the Newton family, who adopt him. In a short time Beethoven will become an animal of more than 80 kilos that also does pranks…

We recommend it because it shows the little ones the playful, sociable and affectionate nature of dogs, and how a family’s love for animals can become enormous. And it is that animals like Beethoven, in the family, are one more!

Mia and the white lion

Another beautiful story that promotes love for animals is Mia and the White Lion , a film that shows the life of a young woman who has moved with her parents from London to Africa.

There, the young woman will develop a surprising and special bond with a wild lion . Her beautiful friendship drives her to travel across the savannah to save her best friend. A film to reflect on the freedom of animals.

White tusk

This is the animated adaptation of the novel “White Fang” by Jack London. It tells the story of Croc-Blanc, a proud and brave wolfhound who, after growing up in the snowy and hostile spaces of the far north, is taken in by Gray Beaver and his Indian tribe.

But the evil of men forces Gray Beaver to leave the animal with a cruel man. Saved by a good partner, Croc-Blanc will learn to control his wild instinct and become his friend.

Always at your side Hachiko)

An emotional film where its protagonist is a beautiful dog of Japanese origin and Akita breed . It shows us the story of Parker Wilson, a university professor who teaches music, and who one day picks up the puppy, whom he finds abandoned in a station.

Since no one claims him, the professor takes him home. Parker then discovers the intimate bonds that can unite a person and an animal. The film shows us the unconditional love of animals towards people.

the jungle book

The latest version of The Jungle Book , from 2016, tells the story of Mowgli, a boy raised in the jungle by a pack of wolves, who embarks on a fascinating journey of self -discovery when he is forced to leave the only home he has ever known . in all his life.

Spirit: Indomable

In this film we will meet a girl, Lucky Prescott, whose life changes forever when she moves from her home in the big city to a small border town.

In this small town he will start a beautiful friendship with Spirit , a wild horse.

101 dalmatians

Another animated movie that you surely know: 101 Dalmatians . In it we meet two Dalmatians, the protagonists, Pongo and Perdita, a happy canine couple who lives surrounded by their puppies and with their masters Roger and Anita.

But his happiness is threatened by Cruella de Ville, a perfidious woman who lives in a large mansion and loves fur coats. Cruella learns that the protagonists have fifteen Dalmatian puppies .

Then he gets the idea to kidnap them to make himself an exclusive fur coat, and this idea turns into an unhealthy obsession. To make her dream come true, she hires two thieves. An entertaining and emotional movie in equal parts.

The Adventures of Dr Doolittle

With this film we get to know the adventures of the eccentric Dr. John Dolittle, a renowned doctor and veterinarian, who after losing his wife six years ago, shuts himself up behind the walls of his mansion with the only company of his collection of exotic animals .

But when the young queen falls gravely ill, Dolittle must reluctantly leave his life as a hermit to embark on an epic adventure to a mythical island in search of a cure, regaining his sense of humor and courage as he crosses paths with old adversaries and while discovering wonderful creatures. Check out more article on NYC Parenting Voice.


The Carraclough family is going through a series of financial difficulties and is forced to sell their beloved dog, Lassie, to the Duke of Rudling.

One day, when Lassie manages to escape from her cage , she realizes that she is 500 miles from home, in the Duke’s remote castle on the north coast of Scotland.


Another nice movie to watch with children, where many of its protagonists are animals, is Tarzan .

In it we will meet Kala, a female gorilla who finds an orphan boy in the jungle, and who decides to adopt him as her own son despite the opposition of Kerchak, the head of the herd.

Tarzan will grow up in the jungle among animals, along with Terk, a funny monkey, and Tantor, a somewhat neurotic elephant. In this scenario, Tarzan develops the instincts of animals and learns to slide through the trees at breakneck speed.

But one day, an expedition goes deep into the jungle and Tarzan meets Jane, at which point he will discover who he really is and what world he belongs to …