Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
It doesn't affect your mobile if you don't pay attention to it, your children do

What is the first thing you do when you wake up, look at your mobile or give your child a kiss? Surely many parents respond first, and it is not surprising, since more than half of smartphone users consult their mobile in the first 15 minutes of the day. We no longer know how to live without these small devices to which we are increasingly hooked, and to which we may even spend more time than with our own children .

We do not realize how dependent we are on the telephone, but we are already talking about the new distracted upbringing or when we look more at the mobile than at our children. Children grow up too fast and if we miss their childhood while looking at the mobile screen, we will regret it. Because it doesn’t affect your mobile if you don’t pay attention to it, but your children do.

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Parents hooked on mobile

We are aware of the mobile at all hours, also when we are with our children. When we go down the street with them, when we pick them up at school, when we are with them at home, during dinner and sometimes, even at bedtime.

We do it without being aware of the valuable time we lose with them by paying attention to the mobile.

At the same time, the abusive use we make of the mobile is to blame for a new figure of fathers physically present and yet absent . That is, we are with them physically, but we are not giving them the attention they deserve . We are not where we should be. If we really want to share “real” time with our children, looking at the phone all the time is incompatible. Check out more article at NYC Parenting Voice.

Disconnect from the mobile and connect with your children

The mobile interferes with communication with our children , as well as being a bad example of responsible use. We cannot demand that they leave their mobile phones if we live hooked.

It does not imply that we have to disconnect completely because today it would be something incompatible with our lifestyle, but it does mean rationalizing its use for the benefit of our children . We could spend all day connected, but surely for our children we can answer a message, look at Facebook or play with that application at another time.

Some tips to unhook from the mobile:

It’s not easy when you’ve gotten used to checking your mobile screen at all hours, but we’ll give you some tricks that you can put into practice:

  • Leave your mobile at home when you go out with your children.
  • Do not answer calls or messages that can wait when you are with your children.
  • Place the mobile in a basket when sitting down as a family at the table.
  • Silence the mobile when you are with your children.
  • Set schedules for mobile use: leave it for times when you are not with your children, such as when they are at school or after they go to bed.

Your children will be children only once

Children are affected by our hyperconnection much more than we think. Instead of looking them in the eye when they speak to us, we look at the screen; instead of getting involved in their games, we are absent, instead of being interested in how they are, we are more aware of what happens on Instagram. It is normal for them to feel ignored .

The worst, and the saddest, is that our children end up getting used to being ignored. And since they don’t demand attention from us, we don’t give it to them either. This makes them isolate themselves, that they no longer even make an effort to tell us their things, marking a greater distance with our children , less communication and less time together. Oursite Piddlebabes has more artice for parenting.

Parents, wake up! (and I also apply the advice). That the mobile does not burden our family life or turn us into the parents that we do not want to be for our children.

They need our time, they need us to pay attention to them , it’s not that difficult, right? Let’s dedicate time to our children, to share with them moments of play, conversations and fun without the mobile getting in the way. Will be interested to choose baby names for newborn?