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Meaning of The Name Anya, Origin, Personality and Numerology

Ania is a feminine proper name that comes from ancient Rome and, more specifically, from the consecrated Anna Perenna. This name means the perpetual return , the tireless, the accuracy, the firm and that which is stable.

If you want to discover more information about this powerful name, as well as the origin of Ania and the personality of those who are called that way, do not miss the following parenting article. We also reveal to you what the numerology of the name Ania says and how popular it currently is. Ania is a girl’s name .

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What does Anya mean?

Ania, a name originating in ancient Rome, literally means ” devoted woman ” or ” consecrated woman “. This meaning is closely linked to the deity from whom the name was derived: Anna Perenna, divinity of the year and the moon.

Origin of the name Anya

Ania comes from a very old name of the Roman gens : Annia. In turn, in Poland, Ania used to be a diminutive of the name Anna before it became popular and became a proper name on its own.

Ania also comes from the ancient Roman goddess Anna Perenna, divinity of the year and longevity to whom offerings were made to ensure a prosperous year.

Diminutives and variations of the name Ania

The most popular diminutives of Ania are:

  • Ani o Any
  • Years

There are different variations of the name Ania, let’s see what they are:

  • Annia: especially popular in areas of Spanish territory such as Catalonia.
  • Anya: English variant.
  • Hania
  • Anya
  • Anja: Especially popular in Central European countries like Poland.

The name Ania in other languages

Ania is an international name that is usually spelled the same in virtually all languages. However, and as we have seen before, there are countries that opt ​​for other variations.

Personality of the name Ania

Ania is a woman with a tender appearance but an extremely powerful character. Although it is true that she is usually sensitive and very artistic women (literature and theater are some of her great passions), she is also ambitious and very complex women that many will not be able to decipher.

The women named Ania live to the fullest and refuse to lead a monotonous life without nuances. These are unfamiliar individuals who prefer to understand “home” as a changing place that they will only find by traveling and learning.

They are hardworking and very efficient women who, in love, are difficult to deal with. Independent, adventurous and dreamers, they will only be completely loyal to others and not only to themselves when they manage to find the right person.

Celebrities with the name Ania

Among the celebrities named Ania, the following stand out:

  • Ania Bukstein – Russian actress, singer and songwriter. (appears in the image)
  • Anja Rubik – Polish model best known for working with Victoria’s Secret.
  • Ania Dąbrowska – Polish singer and songwriter.
  • Anya Taylor-Joy : English, Argentine and American actress.
  • Anya Chalotra : British actress.

Ania’s Saint’s Day

The day of the Saint of Ania is celebrated on August 31 .

Numerology Of The Name Anya

According to numerology, the number associated with the name Ania is 7 .

Popularity of the first name Ana

Although it is true that Ania is not one of the most popular names in our country, it is a name that has achieved some fame in recent years, so it is considered quite young. There are currently 1,240 women named Ania in Spain (the average age of these girls is 15.8 years).

As we can see on the map below, the municipalities with the highest number of girls named Ania are: Araba, Gipuzkoa, Girona and Pontevedra.