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Meaning of The Name Kelly, Origin, Personality and Numerology

Are you looking for a name for your baby that is powerful, meaningful and beautiful? Then you’ll love Kelly, an international and unisex name especially popular in the United States that means ” the one who fights “.

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If you want more information about this well-known name, do not miss the following parenting article, because we will discover the origin of Kelly, her personality, popularity, Santoral and much more. Kelly is a girl’s and boy’s name .

What does Kelly mean?

Kelly is one of the most popular names in the United States, even though its origins are Celtic. This is due, in large part, to the fact that Kelly has a deep and powerful meaning: ” fighting woman ” or ” that maiden who fights “.

In addition, Kelly is an international and unisex name, so both men and women can enjoy one of the most significant names in existence today.

Origin of the name Kelly

Although many claim that the origins of the name Kelly are Greek, the truth is that to understand the meaning of the name, it is necessary to go back to the Celtic culture .

Kelly is a variation of the Irish word Ó Ceallaigh , from the proper name Ceallach . Although it is true that this name, etymologically, can also be understood as “white head”, the most popular and accurate meaning that exists of Kelly is ” fighting maiden “.

Diminutives and variations of the name Kelly

The most common diminutives of the name Kelly are the following:

  • Kell o Kel
  • Elly
  • Elli

As for variations , these are the most popular that exist:

  • Kelley
  • Kelli
  • Kellie

The name Kelly in other languages

Kelly does not have translations into other languages , as it is an international name that is written the same way in different parts of the world.

Personality of the name Kelly

People named Kelly are usually sweet, energetic and calm , as they enjoy sharing happy moments with those they love and are not easily carried away by their feelings of anger. However, this does not mean that the individuals named Kelly are always submissive and quiet, because when they reach a point of no return, they can make decisive decisions.

These are usually outgoing people who enjoy talking and telling stories to others. In love, they are somewhat possessive and insecure individuals , which is why many end up showing a certain tendency towards submission.

The only relevant difference between women and men named Kelly is that they tend to be more dependent and inflexible, while it is less difficult for them to be understanding and open their minds.

Celebrities named Kelly

  • Kelly Clarkson – American singer-songwriter, songwriter, and actress.
  • Kelly Brook – English model, actress, designer and television presenter.
  • Kelly McGillis – American actress, most famous for her co-starring role in Top Gun.
  • Kelly Rowland : American singer, songwriter, producer and actress.

Kelly’s Saint’s Day

Kelly’s Saint’s Day is celebrated on March 9 .

Numerology of the name Kelly

According to numerology, the number associated with the name Kelly is 2 .

Popularity of the first name Kelly

As we can see in the map below, Kelly is a very unusual name in Spain . Being a unisex name, there are both women and men named Kelly in our country, although it should be specified that there is a greater number of women, as is the case in almost all parts of the world.

There are currently 622 women named Kelly in Spain (the average age of these girls being 25 years), while there are only 57 men named Kelly (their average age being 27 years). As we can see on the map, the majority of girls named Kelly are found in the municipalities of Lugo and La Coruña, while men named Kelly are found mainly in Álava and Navarra.