Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
More and more schools decide not to celebrate Father's and Mother's Day, considering it obsolete and discriminatory

Next March 19th we will celebrate Father’s Day , and there are already many children who are preparing a present in their schools to give to their parents . From personalized cups, to drawings with their stamped footprints or plasticine figurines. Any gift is worth to surprise dad!

But this emotional tradition, along with the Mother’s Day festivity , is beginning to disappear in many schools , which consider that the current family model in Spain is changing and children must adapt to this new reality.

Instead they propose to celebrate “Family Day”

Over recent years , the family model has ceased to have an exclusive and traditional concept of “father + mother + children”, to incorporate new models that are increasingly visible in society. From single- parent families , to children raised by other relatives or children of homosexual couples .

That is why many schools, either through their management or through the associations of fathers and mothers of students, have made the decision to eliminate Father’s Day and Mother’s Day festivities from their classrooms , considering them traditions. obsolete that can discriminate against many students whose family model does not conform to traditional canons.

Children of homosexual parents

The Observatory against LGTBphobia spoke out two years ago in this regard by publishing an article in which it asked schools to eliminate these festivities , as “a way to be more inclusive and not marginalize children and families” .

“There is no reflection on all those children who, for one reason or another, either do not have a father, or do not have a mother. This causes psychological damage to children excluded from a special day celebrated by all their peers, producing self-discrimination, lack of self-esteem and even causing bullying, ridicule and ridicule from other children” – Paco Ramírez, director of StopLGBTfobia..

“The celebration of a few days thought exclusively of the traditional families of father and mother, causes discrimination and exclusion towards many boys and girls and their families”

And as a way to sensitize and educate society, from the Observatory against LGTBphobia they refer to the Continuous Household Survey published by the National Institute of Statistics. Thus, the latest data published and which refer to the statistics for the year 2019 speak of approximately 100,600 households made up of homosexual couples , which represents an increase of almost 1% with respect to the data of the previous year.

Children without a father or a mother

On the other hand, and according to the same survey, the number of single-parent families in our country grows year after year . In this type of family, children are raised with only one of the two parents, either due to the death of one of the two members or due to any other circumstance. Our website is completely build for parenting keep visiting for more topics.

Referring to the same survey mentioned above, the number of single-parent families in our country in 2019 amounted to 1,887,500 , of which 1,530,600 were made up of mother and children and the rest by father and children.

In 2019, this type of household grew by 0.5% compared to the previous year, with the majority model being made up of a widowed mother and her children, followed by a divorced or separated mother, and a single mother .

immigrant children

The Observatory against LGTBphobia also highlights the situation of immigrant families, who come from countries where the celebration of Father’s Day or Mother’s Day does not correspond to our dates, and that can cause confusion .

“Something that is not thought of is that the celebration of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day changes from country to country , and obviously does not coincide with our dates, so for many children the celebration is very contradictory and confusing. official of these days in educational centers and the celebration in their own homes and families” – they warned in a publication on their website .

For all these reasons, there are many associations, parents and schools that propose to banish these traditions and replace them with the International Day of Families , a holiday that is celebrated universally for all countries on May 15.

In this way, the child will be able to work on family values ​​without feeling discriminated against or different from the rest of his classmates, and decide who to give a gift to without the need for imposition of gender or kinship.

A proposal that not everyone likes

However, not all parents agree with this proposal , and many consider that the elimination of the holiday in schools and the proposed solution do not correspond to the family model that most children have.

In addition, many of us think that not celebrating Father’s Day or Mother’s Day is not going to teach our children to respect other classmates with a family model different from theirs , since respect and education must be instilled by us through example and dialogue.

It is the job of parents to educate our children free of prejudice and show them naturally all the possible options that exist in society. And just as there are children with a father and a mother, they should also know that there are children with two fathers or two mothers, or that they grow up with only one of them, or even children who live with relatives other than their parents.

In my opinion, and although it is clear that the family model in Spain is varied, the fact of continuing to celebrate both festivities (Father’s Day and Mother’s Day) does not seem discriminatory to me, as long as the other family models are also considered .

In this sense, a good measure to satisfy everyone could be to personalize the gift that the child is going to give . Teachers know their students well and the personal situations of each of them: why not ask them or their relatives who to direct that drawing or craft?

For example, if the child no longer has a father, you may want to prepare a commemorative detail to remember him, or perhaps instead you prefer to give it to his grandfather or older brother. And if he has two parents, the solution is as simple as doubling the gift. In short, rather than annul a holiday, I think the “standardized” message of crafts should be changed , and the child be given freedom so that he can capture in his gift the phrase that best defines that special day for him.

I would like to know your opinion about it: Are you for or against celebrating Father’s Day and Mother’s Day in schools?