Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
'Red': Pixar's movie that talks about menstruation and adolescence creates controversy among parents

A few days ago, ‘Red’, the new Pixar film that is reaping praise and criticism in equal parts, was released on Disney + . On the one hand, it is celebrated that puberty and menstruation are treated without taboos, but it has also raised negative comments among parents about the way of dealing with the subject. (Spoiler alert)

The film tells the story of Mei Lee, a 13-year-old teenager of Chinese origin who lives with her parents in Toronto in 2002, and who leads the life of a girl her age with all the changes typical of this stage. She is a model and obedient girl with a very demanding mother, who protects her too much and often embarrasses her in front of her friends and classmates.

But as if puberty were easy, to this is added that suddenly one day, overnight, Mei turns into a giant red panda named ‘Red’ .

Every time Mei gets too excited she turns into Red and now the teenager will have to learn to live with this big red furry creature that appears when she least expects it.

It’s a rarity that runs in his family, his parents tell him, because his ancestors have a mystical connection to red pandas. This transformation is a metaphor for the arrival of menstruation and the changes that occur at this stage at all levels (physical, emotional, character, etc.), and that will make Mei rethink who she wants to be from then on. go ahead.

Through the story of Mei and her family, the film deals with deep themes such as intergenerational trauma, parental expectations, overprotection, identity in adolescence, and the boundaries between parents and children.

The most praised of ‘Red’

It seems to be one of the most controversial films of the Disney-Pixar factory so far, but the praise is not lacking. It has received many positive reviews, mainly for its impeccable aesthetics, its brilliantly created characters, and its central message about acceptance . Our website is completely build for parenting keep visiting for more topics.

But also, there were many criticisms received in recent days.

Parents’ criticism

Although ‘Red’ (‘Turning Red’) is cataloged for all audiences, many parents consider that the film is not appropriate for young children because it deals with the subject of menstruation, talks about pads and tampons openly when children still do not know what they are treats. They believe that it is a film for a specific audience, more for girls, and not for children in general.

Against this opinion, there are those who argue that because it is treated in a symbolic way, menstruation itself goes unnoticed by young children, who only see how a teenager transforms one morning into a giant and furry red panda. In addition, many defend that it is something that should be normalized among the little ones and it may be an opportunity to do so. For its part, both boys and girls can enjoy it equally.

Another of the main criticisms is that it conveys to children the message that it is okay to disobey their parents if it is important to them. They consider that it encourages the rebellion of the children, but I do not agree with this criticism, on the contrary, it shows that the girl can and must choose her own path, freeing herself from the chains that bind her to her mother and to the ancestors of her.

It is also pointed out that she refers with disdain to the topics of female adolescence , portrayed as a girl in the middle of “turkey age” who drools over boys, becomes obsessed with a boy band and becomes grumpy and explosive with menstruation . However, here too is an area of ​​controversy.

I liked the movie. I like the message of acceptance, that female puberty is openly discussed, it seems necessary to me . I have seen it with my three teenage daughters and they liked it too, although we agree that it is not the best of Pixar.