Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
Tasty and original: Five proposals for healthy snacks for children

Despite being just as important as the rest of the meals that our children eat during the day, snacks are perhaps one of the things that we neglect the most . The rush to prepare something quickly before going to pick up the children from school, together with the lack of creativity, can sometimes lead us to resort to processed foods, highly sugary and unhealthy for children.

As we did a few days ago, sharing with you proposals for healthy breakfasts, this time we wanted to talk to the nutritionist and dietician Luis Alberto Zamora (whom we can also see on the television program ” It’s better to eat “) about healthy alternatives, delicious and easy to prepare to enjoy with our children a delicious snack in the open air after school.

Monday, milk and fruit

What better snack is there for a little one than a glass of milk and a piece of fruit? A quick snack, easy to prepare and perfect to consume anywhere.

Luis proposes us to incorporate fruits such as persimmons into the diet , which due to its sweet flavor and meaty texture are often very popular with children, in addition to containing multiple properties, vitamins, fiber and helping to increase the absorption of iron.

In addition, the nutritionist encourages us to sprinkle a little Ceylan cinnamon to give the persimmon a different and original touch. But he insists that it be this variety, since it has a lower concentration of coumarin, a potentially toxic compound for the liver when consumed in excess.

As for milk, the nutritionist emphasizes the importance of this food in the daily diet of children :

” It does not produce mucus, nor is it unnatural . As a great nutrition researcher said at a conference I attended: there is no glass of anything that provides as many nutrients as a glass of milk .”

Tuesday, yogurt, nuts and chocolate

Natural yogurt, without artificial sweetening, can become an excellent resource to combine with nuts and chocolate that contains more than 75% cocoa. A healthy snack idea that children will also like very much.

Luis advises us to instill in our children the habit of consuming raw or roasted nuts without salt, since they are rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids. But let’s remember that we should always offer nuts to younger children ground and not whole , since according to the Spanish Association of Pediatrics , whole nuts are one of the main causes of choking in children under six years of age.

In addition to ground nuts, we can incorporate dark chocolate with more than 75% cocoa into yogurt , another very healthy food since it contains all the properties of cocoa and very little sugar in its composition.

Wednesday, homemade cookies and fruit juice

And if we like pastries, we can prepare our children some tasty oatmeal and banana sugar-free cookies, rich in fiber and vitamins.

Luis proposes that we accompany these cookies with a glass of homemade orange juice, but he reminds us that this option must be something exceptional and not the usual norm , since even if it is homemade, the juice contains a high sugar content , so it does not it should become an alternative that we resort to frequently. Check out more article on NYC Parenting Voice.

Thursday, grapes with cheese

Perhaps on some occasion we have felt like a “pecking” snack and we have not thought of healthy alternatives to offer children. Luis offers us a special snack that is also a true delight for the palate: skewers of grapes with cheese .

We can use fresh cheese or “Burgos” type and grapes of different colors but without seeds. If the child is less than six years old, it is recommended that we modify the size of the grape, dividing it into two, three, or four pieces -depending on their age-, in order to avoid the risk of choking .

And if we like it, we can also accompany our homemade skewers with whole wheat bread.

Friday, sandwich and homemade milkshake

And if we want to choose to offer our son a sandwich, the nutritionist advises us to take two things into account:

  • Always use wholemeal or whole grain bread .
  • Pay special attention to what we put inside the sandwich , because not just anything is worth it.

As healthy filling options , Luis recommends us to resort to vegetable pâtés such as hummus, smoked salmon or peppers with tuna, to give just a few examples.

In addition, occasionally we can accompany the sandwich with a delicious homemade fruit smoothie made with apple, pear and pure defatted cocoa. Who can resist this delicious combination of flavors?

To consider…

The nutritionist reminds us that the snack is a meal as important as any other and that, therefore, we must plan with the same attention and time, without neglecting the main recommendations of infant nutrition
  • Avoid added sugars : Let us remember that the WHO (World Health Organization) in its call to reduce the consumption of sugars refers to added sugars, not those naturally contained in foods such as fruits, vegetables or nuts. , for example.

But how can we know if sugars are added or naturally present in the food? Luis advises us to look at the product label, specifically in the list of ingredients. If the word “sugar”, “glucose”, “glucose syrup”, or some “syrup” appears, we are talking about added sugars.

  • Encourage the consumption of natural , unlabeled and unprocessed foods. In this way, we will be bringing new and natural flavors closer to the child, accustoming her palate in this key stage of her life, and educating her in healthy eating for her future.

For this reason, and as we mentioned above, in early childhood it is time to instill certain eating habits such as the introduction of nuts in the diet, vegetables, fruits, legumes or pure cocoa, for example.

  • Chew well and slowly at all meals . Luis insists that it is very necessary to instill in our children the importance of spending time eating quietly, sitting down, enjoying the food and chewing thoroughly.