Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
The best 15 parenting books to give to dad on his day

Becoming a father changes the lives of all of us , men and women. Taking into account that the level of involvement of parents with their children has increased (fortunately), and that more and more are interested in having a really active role in their children’s childhood, this Father’s Day we propose a gift with which you will be right: a book on parenting in which parents can see themselves really identified.

Oh my Dad!

If you’re going to be a dad and you don’t know whether to start crying with joy, or with nerves. Do not panic! With this book, organized according to the levels of experience that you must overcome as if it were the screens of a video game, you will realize that you are not alone. It is a graphic novel of Dad 2.0 that narrates the adventures of a couple who overnight found themselves with fatherhood.

Dad, you can!: User manual for new parents with humor

Being a father is a very important thing. And to the first question that inevitably arises, “Will I be able to?”, this funny book answers: of course, man, you can, with the help of the best instruction manual, the one you have in your hands. And you not only can, you must.

“Claiming the right to take care of the child, even if we are clumsy at first and it gives us panic” , is the first step to enter the exciting world of fatherhood”, says its author. We also cannot fail to include the editor’s note: ” This book is highly recommended for new mothers to see how well-intentioned men are, and an absolute must-have for new fathers. Consume preferably before the baby is born… and do it with a lot of humor”.

Radioactive mucus: and other sleeplessness of new parents

Children do not come into the world with an on-off button under their arm. They don’t need to. They are just little creatures emitting signals that we do not understand and that no one has taught us to care for.

Is it better to sleep on your back or on your stomach? Pacifier yes or pacifier no? How often do I breastfeed? What do I do if he has a fever? As if that were not enough, these concerns of new parents are “trick questions” whose correct answer has been changed in recent years. So there is no one to clarify! Our website is completely build for parenting keep visiting for more topics.

Faced with the opinion of relatives , neighbors and Dr. Google himself, this book has been written based on the latest scientific evidence. The author addresses each explanation with the utmost rigor, but without leaving aside the naturalness and sense of humor that characterize her visited blog and her interventions on radio and television.

Baby Instruction Manual: Troubleshooting, Tips and Maintenance

Through simple instructions and useful diagrams, hundreds of frequently asked questions are answered, such as: what is the best way to swaddle a baby ?, how can I get my newborn to sleep through the night ?, when should I take the baby? to a technician for inspection? The definitive guide to baby maintenance from 0 to 12 months, troubleshooting and advice, written in a masculine key.

New Dad’s Guide

Do you want to know everything related to the desire to conceive, pregnancy and the baby? As the father of your children, would you like to combine your family with your work and career, whether you work as an employee in a company or on your own? And would you like, despite having a child, to know how to have the right attitude to keep a relationship intact and have a full sex life ?

This book deals with topics as varied as, for example , how to overcome the fear of being a father, how you should not give up sex before and after birth, what you should do and what you should not do during pregnancy, what is what changes in the relationship and what you should pay attention to, how you see the world from your point of view, and others that are not usually talked about, such as how you should deal with your surroundings in case there are discrepancies.

Urgent guide for the new parent

When you become a father, it changes your life completely. To discover this new stage of your life with a smile, Rafael Esteve , author of Being a First Time Parent , tells us about his memories of being an inexperienced father when he began to be a father. With his own illustrations he tells us about the discovery of the universe of diapers, the hours without sleep, the first smiles of his children, the small daily achievements, the fear of a fever that later is nothing, the first steps. ..

The red notebook. The 100 parenting tips that every baby should carry under his arm

Another book by Carlos Escudero together with the illustrator Cristina Torrón ( Mammasutra ) teaches us many things about fatherhood supported by fun drawings. What are Braxton Hicks contractions and the ‘dick effect’; the best ways to go places with your child (including the DeLorean); the WhatsApp groups that you will be a part of (don’t worry, most of them will be muted); the keys to surviving a children’s birthday…

In addition, these pages warn you against a group of harmful beings that you should avoid: the “creepy mum”, the opinion makers, the child-phobes and the cool dad. And most importantly: it teaches us to walk the path of parenthood without losing sight of the children we were.

Manual for new parents

With this guide, parents will learn to know what their baby is like, what circumstances accompany him or her after delivery, what is done with him or her in the hospital, and during the first month of life, what tests are performed and why, what what its results mean, how to breastfeed or artificially feed it, how to take care of it, bathe it , the symptoms of the most frequent disorders, when to go to the pediatrician, etc., solving doubts about the most common problems that a newborn can have, trying to find out what is frequent, what is within normality and recognize those situations that may concern us.

The child’s brain explained to parents

This book is a practical manual that synthesizes the knowledge that neuroscience offers parents and educators , so that we can help children achieve full intellectual and emotional development. A book that helps us understand our children and provides practical tools to guide us in the great challenge of being parents. All with a great scientific base but explained in an entertaining and accessible way.

Happy upbringing: how to care for and understand your child from 0 to 6 years old

A happy upbringing can be achieved. This is the premise from which the psychologist Rosa Jové starts, to help parents care for and understand their child from birth to 6 years of age. A fundamental stage in which a good part of the child’s personality is forged and their emotional structures settle. “Only the baby who feels satisfied and cared for will remove fear and stress from her life. He will be happy.”

In this, such important topics as the importance of habits and routines, children who eat little, tantrums and swearing, and jealousy between siblings are touched upon.

Kiss Me a lot

Kiss me a lot is a book written in defense of children and parents , of all those who want to educate their children as it was done before, with love, taking them in their arms , caressing them, sleeping with them when they are disconsolate…

This book teaches us to respect our son as a human being, not to let him cry, to lull him to sleep, love him and kiss him. The author demonstrates, based on rigorous studies and his own professional experience, that this is the best way to ensure that they grow up healthy and happy.

How to educate with firmness and affection

A guide to help children to have self-discipline, be responsible, collaborate and know how to solve their problems. In its pages, parents will be able to discover how to: overcome communication barriers; end power struggles; avoid the dangers of praise; convey your message of love; focus on the virtues, not the flaws; get children to repair their mistakes without losing their dignity; teach children not what to think, but how to think ; get collaboration, both at home and in class; overcome the special difficulty posed by misbehavior during adolescence.

Millions of families have already benefited from the advice in this book, which includes dozens of true stories about applying positive discipline .

School to be conscious mothers and fathers

Consciously educating involves acting bearing in mind that everything you do and say will have a direct impact on the person your child will become. Not being aware of this means putting on a blindfold or looking the other way.

This book combines mindfulness , positive discipline and psychology techniques for emotional and thought management , which will help you learn about conscious parenting and learn to maintain serenity and self-control even in overwhelming situations.

Educate in wonder

Children grow up in an increasingly frenetic and demanding environment that, on the one hand, has made the task of educating more complex, and, on the other, has distanced them from what is essential . For their future success, we see it necessary to program them for endless activities that are separating them from the usual leisure, from free play, from nature, from silence, from beauty. Their life has become a real race to jump stages, which takes them further and further away from their own nature.

Educating in amazement is rethinking learning as a journey that is born from within the person, a wonderful adventure facilitated by a deep consideration of what the child’s nature demands, such as respect for their innocence, their rhythms, their sense of mystery and its thirst for beauty.

Learn to educate without yelling, threats or punishment

Any parent is willing to stop scolding, punishing , or threatening if they know how to ensure that their child grows up learning responsibility without resorting to these painful measures. This book is the answer to this universal desire. It is not about controlling the child without applying a heavy hand, it is about a way of being and understanding the child so that he brings out the best of his interior , not out of fear but by his own will. In this book he will learn precise techniques to bring out the love within him in challenging situations.